New Membership Tiers and Benefits

Owning a clinical practice requires much more than just taking care of patients. Equally as important to patient care is business management.  The OPIE Choice Network is your partner in Practice Management.

Participating in the OPIE Choice Network is an ongoing investment in your people.  This is truly an opportunity to unlock and develop the full potential of your team by improving the way that everyone works together using their software tools in the process.

We offer two tiers of membership. Compare Membership

Management Tier

The power of community kicks in at this membership level. Here you get engaged with OPIECon, you begin to experience the breadth and depth of knowledge and function we bring to you. And you begin to experience our commitment to your success.

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Leadership Tier

You’ve made it!

Training and education that focuses more on business process, management through data, inter-agency collaboration, and brainstorming.  The power of community is going full-bore at this membership level. Here you are eligible for MasterMinding™, Incredible opportunity for your business, and shifting from being not just a consumer of knowledge, but a contributor to the O&P body of knowledge as well.

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